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Photography Consent Form


As a legal representative of the above minor I give my consent to the company MomsCare s.r.o., ID number 056 26 471, with its headquarters in Prague 2, Blanická 1008/28, 120 00, entered in the Commercial Register at the City Court in Prague, section C, number 266749 (hereinafter Provider):

  1. to take photos, audio and video recordings of my minor child, to process and store them for as long as necessary (at least for the duration of my registration with the Provider) for the purpose of the Provider’s information activities, promotion and advertising of the services
  2. to use the recordings and photographs, in both forms – digital and non-digital – for all the promotional, advertising and informational materials of the Provider in printed and electronic forms (e.g. web pages, FB, print),
  3. to provide a corresponding authorization for a third party to use the photographs or the recordings in order to create promotional and marketing material for the Provider,
  4. I agree that the photograph, or its part, can be used as a part of collected works.

I hereby state that I have read the above text and fully understand it.

I confirm that I give my consent voluntarily.

I am aware of the fact that:

  • giving my consent is not a condition to use the services,
  • I can withdraw my consent without giving any reasons,
  • I have the right to have an access the photographs and recordings and the right to their correction,
  • I have the right to delete these photographs and recordings in case their procession is in breach of the legally-defined protection or contrary to my consent, or my consent has been withdrawn,
  • I can exercise my rights by delivering my request to the Provider’s address mentioned above.

I acknowledge that the photographs and the recordings will be processed in accordance with the particular legal norms regarding the protection of personal data and with the Parliament and the Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27th 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

I confirm that I regard clicking this link in the order of services as a confirmation of my consent and all the above-mentioned statements.